Given the ever-changing situation surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) we may have shortages of parts or supplies to build baits however we will make every effort to fulfill your order, or we will contact you about any delays.

Why Red Dirt Bait

We recognize that you have many choices when it comes to wire bait purchases, and let’s be honest, they all look pretty much the same. There are several manufacturers out there that claim to make the best bait on the market, when there are no differences between them. We know this, so our goal is not to make such a claim, but rather let you know what sets us apart from other companies. There are two major factors that differentiate Red Dirt Bait Company from other manufacturers: The use of Tunable Titanium frames in our baits and the fact that our American made lures are constructed at the time an order is placed.

What is Tunable Titanium? Our frames are over 70% titanium, which makes these baits flex and vibrate like stainless, yet they have the durability of titanium. If the bait straightens out on a fish, just bend (tune) it back into place and keep fishing. We have had reports of over one hundred Lake Erie Smallmouth that were caught on a single bait!
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Red Dirt Double Buzz Baits

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